Robbie's third picture page

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Robbie's third picture page

Little Camera Hog

Hey, a camera!!!

A spoon chew toy

Water is yummy

Yep, really yummy water

Are there toys in this drawer

Smart little kid is climbing over to see the bunny

seconds from going over the wall

Whose coming in the door?

what's this wet stuff here?

more of this wet stuff is shooting up out of this thing.

hey this is fun!!!

It's water, thats really fun!!!

Are you coming in the pool too mommy?

Look I'm a strong baby!!!!

This grass feels funny on my feet.

Ok I'm done in the pool, time to explore the outdoors.

My tent, soon to be a camping baby

Playing in his tent

This door is too small for me

Having a bath in his GIANT rubber ducky

The Birthday boy, a full year old July 4th 2007

Riding a pony for the first time

More pictures, goodie

You are under the power of my cuteness!!!!

he, he, he I'm getting more pictures taken of me

Opening the present from me, it was a fire truck, hence the fire truck wrapping paper.

Robbie's first birthday cake.

Having birthday cake at his first birthday.

Up and walking, can't stop this kid.

His first pony ride. Robbie says "I'm okay as long as grandpa is here."