Robbie's second picture page

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More Robbie Pictures

More  pictures of my nephew Robbie.

A visit to the hospital, just for some tests.

A little monkey

Learning to UNTIE shoe laces

Yummy crib rail

Stop taking pictures of me and help me outta here!!!!!!

Stop taking pictures of me and get me outta here

Now what is this thing

In his "POOH" pants

What an imp

How'd he get both legs into one leg of his sleepers?

I wanna go outside and play in the snow

Crawling about the house

Beginner tech

Where'd his pants go?

A new way of keeping baby outta trouble, while being mobile.

the little mechanic

look at me, I'm walking

now it'll be 18 years to get him to sit down and shut up

Well heres the problem, this tire is a donut

what an imp

up and walking before he turns 9 months

A soon to be nudist?

A young Padawan Jedi

He had a great time in this basket

helping mom with the laundry?

Wrestling with his sheep

He's watching himself on TV, he got really mad because there was another baby playing with his toys.

Practising his "what? I'm innocent" look.

Playing with the bracelet I made for his mommy's birthday

Chewing on the bracelet that I made for his mommy's birthday