Photo 4

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other pictures


some of my stuffed animals

Donovan (the teddy bear), and Charlie (the gorrilla). Donovan is one of the create your own teddy bears that I got last year, his birthday is the 29th of April. Charlie is a handmade stuffed gorrilla that my Grandmother made me for Christmas when I was 10 years old.


Donovan in his combat uniform, he has a backpack that he rides around in with me.

My Ikea rat

I was sick the first few months of 2006, this is a get well soon gift from my mom.


Some silly pictures

Three of my collectable teddy bears, Hero (the one in the camo) is a beanie baby. The one in the center is the Genie bear that I got at Aladdin. And the last one is a teddy bear that has a Aladdin t-shirt on, he also came from the Aladdin gift shop.

A candid shot of Hanlan's clothing optional beach.