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Photo Gallery The Rats

Here you will find pictures of my pet rats.

The baby girls, Ick and Eek

Ick checking out a film canister

Eek checking something out

Dagda eatting a pretzel

Boo Jr.

Fuzzy Knickers

Freddy pleading to be let out

Freddy showing just how comfortable his hamock is

Jason demonstrating his yoga technique

Not to be out done, Daggy shows us his yoga technique.

The picture I used on some of my Christmas cards last year, of course Freddy the camera hog in featured in the picture.

Here are the three baby boys Fuzzy Knickers, Dagda and Boo Jr.

Ratski, a past rat on his leash

Me holding Ratski, in his harness and leash

Fuzzy Knickers eatting a popcicle

Freddy having a popcicle

This is Range Rover, he was found in a stove that two maintenance guys were cleaning. He passed away on Sept. 02/07