Ted_E_Bare's Pets

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On this site you will find pictures of me, and of my pets, mostly the pets 'cause I hate getting my picture taken.

Site Update

June 29th 2007

 We found out the unfortunate way that little Robbie is allergic to Tomatoes, he was taken to the hospital by ambulance yesterday evening after having a little bit of his mom's pizza. He is doing better now, and has an appointment with a pedatric allergist to get tested.

On happier things, July 4th is Robbies first birthday, and most of his cousins, great grandma, great great aunt, and his uncles, and his grandparents are all going to be there. And I've been declared the offcial videographer for Robbie's party. 

My pets

Right now I have six pet rats, and one degu.

The rats


Boo Jr., and Fuzzy Knickers

Patches and Wrinkles 


Ick and Eek 

The Degu